Relais Santa Maria degli Ancillotti

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It is in the heart of Umbria, more precisely in Assisi, embedded between green hills and lush olive trees, that lies a place where time seems to have stopped. A place where every traveller finds their island of peace, their oasis in the desert, their magic place where they can relax and be reborn. Santa Maria degli Ancillotti, the place where dreams come true.

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Thanks to the vision of the head of the family, Paolo Villa, it is with extreme passion and dedication that, since 1993, we have been taking care of the management of the suites and the restaurant in Santa Maria degli Ancillotti. A place that, as is our family tradition, has always represented a spring of serenity for the weary traveller.

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Breathing, something so easy that we almost take it for granted. What really matters though is not the quantity of our breaths, but the quality. If you feel the need to be connected to the space around you, if you need to realign yourself with nature, you just need to visit us at Santa Maria degli Ancillotti and start breathing again.

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The real value that we provide is our wide range of services, essential to appreciate the full extent of the estate’s experience, completely and thoroughly. The best services for your relaxation and for your holiday with us.

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