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Our experiences can become your experiences

For all our guests we provide the possibility; to live unique experiences immersed in the countryside and the Umbrian hills. Thanks to our collaboration with the Bettona Outdoor Team, we will take you to discover the Borgo di Bettona and beyond.
If you are passionate about trail running, mountain biking, trekking or simply want to experience the thrill of a balloon flight, the staff of the Relais Santa Maria degli Ancillotti and the Bettona Outdoor Team are at your disposal. Our experiences are also your experiences.

Harmonic Sound Bath with Bowls

Singing Bowl Massage

The Tibetan singing bowls are tools that allow us to reconnect with that primordial state of harmony and order that belongs to us by nature but that we very often forget.    The Tibetan singing bowl massage is effective for:    

-Balancing and harmonizing the body  -to relieve emotional and physical pains  -when there is a temporarily feeling of disconnection between body  And mind, favoring listening.



A one-of-a-kind experience

Do you ever find yourself spending hours observing the sky with the hope of seeing a particular bird flying free in the air, just like you would like to do, are you a fan of birds of prey and of the great predators of the sky?  

Gift yourself a falconry experience, designed specifically for those who want to get to know these fantastic creatures up close, learn about their habits, their calls and their hunting techniques.
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Trail running

Run towards adventure

For all Trail Running lovers it’s possible to try their hand at one of the most exciting and significant running specialties that exist. A real race through nature, among the woods, hills and valleys of Umbria. If your greatest passions lie in sport and nature, Trail Running is the ideal activity for you, a complete experience that will exercise both the legs and the upper body.  

Try with us the thrill of running ... ➔


Massages and relax

A dedicated physiotherapist

For an even more relaxing experience, we offer all our guest the chance to book a professional physiotherapist, able to give you moments of great well-being and great relaxation.  A massage is always a pleasure, both for the body and for the senses, especially when it’s performed by a professional.  But it acquires even more value, if received in a dream location like that of Santa Maria degli Ancillotti. Try the massages offered by our Relais, a real panacea for both the body and the mind.    


Hot air balloon flight

Soar above the Umbrian valleys

If you have always wondered what emotions lie behind a flight in a hot air balloon, this is the chance to discover them. The experience we offer is for you to fly over the most beautiful Umbrian valleys, lifted by the winds, guided by an expert pilot, you will be able to admire all the beauty of the landscape unfolding beneath you.  

A day full of emotions and joy, which only an experience like this can offer. Let yourself ... ➔


Horse riding

Riding around the countryside

If you are a lover of nature, and animals are your great passion, the experience we offer is an horseback excursion through the most beautiful and evocative Umbrian valleys.
You will have the opportunity to share this moment with your family or with whomever you please. You will be guided by an expert who will show you the hidden gems and exclusive locations where nature reigns supreme.
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